GCC Registered Irish Black Bull Offerings

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2019 two year-old bulls are sold out for this year. Fall 2019 yearlings and Spring 2020 yearlings and two year-old’s available on a private treaty basis.

GCC Pater 305A Irish Black Bull

GCC Pater 305A

Offering Semen Packages

DOB-25 May 2013

Birth weight- 79lb

Weaning weight- 657

BF- 0.16

IMF 3.26

REA- 14.1

Yearling Weight- 1160

Fertility scores- 90 motility (excellent)

Scrotal circumference- 42.0 at 3 years

DNA tested through Igenity- inquire for results

Negative DNA test for BVDV

Trich tested- negative

Disposition- 1

Excellent CED heritability

Participate in exclusive GCC bull genetics with our semen unit offerings and breeding services. Certified AI technician available to breed. Please contact us for more information! We are proud to work with you to create the right genetics package for your herd.

2019 Yearling Bulls

GCC Cochise 802F BW 80lb WW 600lb Dam GCC1W CED 1 Docility 2

GCC Toro Negro 804F BW 74lb WW 612lb Dam GCC DH36XCED 1 Docility 1

GCC Big Gus 805F BW 78lb WW 654lb Dam DH37Z CED 1 Docility 2